Dolphin Whale Watching Snorkeling Boat Tour, Golfo Dulce, Corcovado, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Mangrove Wildlife Safari

Mangroves are spectacular. Clouds linger in the nearby mountains and the sun glistens off the glass like water. Birds and other wildlife are abundant.

Mangrove tours allow travelers to explore these complex waterways from the security of a kayak or covered boat, with the company of a naturalist guide. These guides both educate passengers on the important biological relationships at work in the mangrove, as well as help spot critters along the way.

Depending on your location, we can organize a mangrove tour for you from the following locations:

  • Golfito
  • Puerto Jimenez
  • Sierpe

As well as the mangrove tours mentioned below, kayak options are also available at either site.


Choose to explore this area by boat looking for wildlife. This is considered the most all-inclusive boat tour on the Gulf, departing from either Puerto Jimenez or Golfito. You’ll explore over 35 miles of the Golfo Dulce, its lush coastline, deltas, and mangrove estuaries. Experience everything offered on our Dolphin Watch Eco Tour, plus wind your way through the jungle on an informative guided excursion up the Rio Esquinas. (Access to the Rio Esquinas is tide-dependent, so please contact Changing Tide Tours for availability and times.)

Please note: Due to scheduling constraints caused by variable high tides at the river mouth, the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary cannot be included on this tour.

Number of people Price
1-4 people $520
5 people $550
6 people $600
7+ people $670+


The Sierpe Terraba Mangrove Forest is the largest mangrove preserve in Costa Rica. Most of the time the canals are deserted and only the sounds of birds chirping and pianguas popping can be heard (pianguas are clam like animals that live in the mud and they snap their shells shut when the tide goes out).

This extensive national wetland protects the river mouths of the Terraba and Sierpe Rivers and the vast network of canals, mangrove forests and wetlands in between.

The Rio Sierpe mangrove tour is great for bird watching and animal viewing. The tour travels up river to the east and then south west on the tributary Chocuaco. The foliage is more abundant and there are less people living along the rivers. This provides the chance to photograph animals, reptiles and birds close up. Four types of monkeys, scarlet macaws, iguanas, crocodiles and if you are really lucky, giant river otters, one of the rarest animals of Central America.

Let us arrange a beautiful relaxing day on the river for you and your family or friends!

Number of people Price
2 people $396
3 people $594
4 people $396
5 people $450+

*The Rio Sierpe tour also includes lunch

Both tours include:

  • Boat transport
  • Naturalist guide
  • Drinking water
  • Snacks (Fresh fruits and drinking water)

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