Nesting Sea Turtles

Turtle Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to four species of sea turtles (leatherback, green, hawksbill, and Olive Ridley).

Sea turtle numbers have been highly affected due to many factors, egg poaching and bad fishing practices to name just a few. Luckily for all of these turtles, there are several strong turtle conservation projects led by biologists, conservationists, and dedicated park rangers. One such project is that of Osa Turtles which works on the Preciosa beach on the Osa Peninsula, and in the Golfo Dulce, actively protecting the female sea turtles and their nests. The rangers and biologists are working hard so we leave as small of a footprint as possible so that the turtles keep coming back.

As part of this ongoing project, you can take a guided night tour and watch these amazing creatures as they make their way up the beach to lay their eggs. We can also arrange an early morning beach walk for you- If you’re lucky, you might get to see the little hatchlings make their epic journey to the sea.

Let us arrange this magical experience for you. Tell us if you’d like to coordinate your vacation to coincide with one of these egg laying and hatching events.

Tours last 2-3 hours.

*All proceeds go to support the sea turtle conservation project OSA TURTLES, partof the NGO Osa Ecology.