We are more than happy to customize the ultimate fishing adventure tour to suit any angler’s desire, from inshore to offshore fishing.


This area is prime territory. The blue water is normally less than 5km off the cape, and there you can tie into sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, and occasional blue marlin while trolling the rolling waters.

Inshore bottom fishing i9n the golf and along the shoreline can catch you a yummy dinner of snapper, jack crevalle, amberjack, grouper, roosterfish, shark, African pompano, and snook near the river mouths.

 For offshore fishing, you can expect to catch marlin, sailfish, tuna and dorado. For inshore fishing there is roosterfish, snappers, Bluefin, Trevally, Crevalle Jack, Corvina, Amber Jack, Triple Tail, Rainbow Runner, Grouper, Sierra Mackerel, Barracuda, Permit and Pompano.

November historically is a fun time to fish. Dorado move into the area with the marlin right behind to munch on them. Schools of tuna will pass by occasionally traveling below spinner and spotted dolphins.

Offshore & Inshore Fishing in Costa Rica: Species & Seasonal Catch:

MARLIN (Marlin): All Marlin species are caught year round. The peak time for Blue Marlin is November to December and March to April, while the Black Marlin peak is during July and August.

ROOSTER FISH (Gallo): Always available and common sizes range from 20-70 pounds.

DORADO (Mahi Mahi): Year round species with seasonal highs during November to April.

SAILFISH (Vela): Common year round but peaking from November to May. It is not unusual to catch more than 20 Sails in any given day.

SNAPPER (Pargo): There are over a dozen types of snappers ranging between 15 to 100 pounds

TUNA (Atun): Large yellowfin, in the 200-300lb range are often found feeding under the large schools or porpoises. Schoolie sized Yellowfin are available year round. Bigeye, considered the bruisers in the tuna family, are common in our area. Hooking a large bigeye will lead you on an epic multi-hour fight.