About us

Who we are:

Changing Tide Tours is a local, family-run company acquired in 2014. Environmental stewardship has always been a core value for us. From day one, the owners have believed that by educating the public about the wildlife of the Golfo Dulce, we can inspire people to make more environmentally responsible choices in their everyday lives!

We lead by example

Today, Changing Tide Tours is recognized as an industry leader in conservation, sustainable tourism and consistent quality of product. We see each guest as a VIP—someone who by experiencing and learning about the Golfo Dulce and its wildlife can advocate for the health of ocean ecosystems, no matter where they live. This commitment is why we’ve enjoyed the #1 position for dolphin and whale watching in Puerto Jimenez on Trip Advisor since we began!

We lead by example. Over the years, we’ve won national and international awards for our commitment to guest experience and environmental sustainability. We were the first in the industry to join 1% for the Planet, to adopt carbon neutrality, and to implement a per-guest wildlife fee to support regional research and conservation activities.

The oceans need our help

There’s still much to do. Effective conservation measures require solid science, and public awareness and support. That’s why we’re continuing to expand our partnerships with community, education and research organizations dedicated to the common goal of marine conservation. We’re working with a number of researchers and organizations in the region to assist—and actually do—scientific data collection from our boats.

We invite you to come out on a tour with us. Explore our website. Learn more about our vision to advance marine conservation in the Golfo Dulce and beyond—and how you can be part of the solution!


To inspire advocacy for whalesdolphins and oceans.

At Changing Tide Tours, understanding cetacean behaviour and communication, and sharing it with you, is our passion. Their conservation is our commitment.

Four pillars

Our vision is grouped into four main areas of activity:


The tours are part of our fieldwork! Science brings conservation solutions. We cultivate and support community-based research partnerships. We actively conduct and enable research on board our vessels as part of our enhanced guest experience.

Monitoring Populations and Habitats
Short and long term monitoring of local cetacean populations and their habitat, to help with their preservation. Photo-identification, Distance, and other standard data collection methodologies are used to assess abundance, density, distribution and habitat use.

Anthropogenic Impact
Constant monitoring of the anthropogenic impacts affecting the local cetaceans. Data is collected for any issues affecting the populations, in order to have scientific evidence to show to the public, and the pertinent bodies responsible for implementing adecuate regulation and management. Evaluation is made to prioritize the action among the different impacts negatively affecting cetaceans around the Golfo Dulce.

Dolphin language
This project blends together behavior, bioacoustics and cymatics for the study of dolphin and whale vocalizations and communication. Sound and visual recordings together with cymatic images, are used for a better comprehension of dolphin and whale languages.

Applied Sciences & Connection to Humans
Understanding the bond between humans and cetaceans, as well as the effect of cetacean sounds on humans, including its applications in neuroscience, psychology and sound medicine.


It’s at the heart of everything we do. Through responsible wildlife viewing and innovative community partnerships, our overarching goal is to restore and protect marine ecosystems in the Golfo Dulce and beyond. Apart from the Research projects with conservation purposes, we carry out projects that involve ¨hands on¨ action:

Wildlife Rescue and Collection of Macroplastic and other Marine Debris
Marine wildlife being entangled in fishing gear, rope, plastics and other garbage, is becoming more frequent, and can cause serious injuries and death. If we see wildlife in such distress, we stop and help, or call for help. We also pick up any small hazard item we encounter. In case of large items, we try to tow, or if not possible, we call the coast guard. Every month we try to go out at sea at least one day, without clients just to collect as much garbage as we can.

Planting mangroves
Mangroves are very important components for the ocean wildlife. For every person who tours we us we plant a mangrove in the Golfo Dulce, in areas where they were historically found but have been cut down. Mangroves really are the nurseries of the oceans and we want to ensure they continue to exist.

Collaborations and Partners
Changing Tide Tours supports and collaborates with NGOs, Universities and Research projects. Here is a list of those entities we collaborate with:


Osa Ecology

University of Costa Rica


World Cetacean Alliance

Travellers Against Plastic


We think and act green. Sustainability is in our DNA. We strive to eliminate our environmental footprint. We’re ready to embrace the new vision of regenerative tourism.

Education and outreach:
At Changing Tide Tours we are grateful for every occasion we are given to educate about cetaceans, the threats they face, and how everyone can help. However, this is not enough for us, and we broaden our conservation topics, and love to share with those who are interested. On board we keep information, about industries and iniciatives doing great work for our planet, as well as useful consumer guides, and eco-friendly house tips.