Responsible Tourism

Seeing dolphins, whales and other marine wildlife in their natural environment is a thrilling experience. At Changing Tide Tours, we’re always respectful that we’re visiting them in their home. Responsible cetacean watching means keeping our distance, approaching slowly, and making as little noise as possible. We don’t want to disrupt the natural behaviours we’re hoping to see, cause unnecessary stress, or risk injury to the animals.

We’re steered by science

Reducing our impact on the marine environment is an ongoing priority. Our vessels incorporate the latest marine technology to minimize underwater sound, boat wake and shoreline erosion. Research shows that vessel speed is the most important predictor of underwater noise levels. Additional factors may include propeller type, engine horsepower and age, machinery noise and hull characteristics.

We’re certified internationally

We’re a certified member of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). What does this mean? It recognizes that Changing Tide Tours operates to the highest international standards of care for local wildlife, sustainability and customer experience.

The WCA is the world’s largest marine conservation partnership involving whale watch tour operators, NGOs, scientists and educators—all focused on respectful, responsible and sustainable whale watching tourism. Certification is overseen by an international panel with specialist knowledge.

And there’s more! Together with all of our WCA partners, we’re contributing tens of thousands of dollars back to whale and dolphin conservation projects around the world through our certification fee.