Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is widely considered the fastest growing water sport for one major reason: it can be practiced on nearly any body of water.


That means that, unlike with surfing, SUPing is not limited to those who live near the ocean as it can be practiced on lakes, rivers, or any other body of water. SUPing is also very dynamic: it can be peaceful – much like what walking on water would probably feel like, or as exhilarating as surfing for those who catch waves on their boards. It also gives you a great perspective due to the angle of visibility which allows you to see further across and below the surface of the water (when the water visibility is good). It’s great exercise that doesn’t even feel like exercise at all because it’s both relaxing and enjoyable.

Learn to stand up paddle board in one of the world’s only tropical fjords, the Golfo Dulce on the Osa Peninsula. This upcoming sport is becoming very popular in Costa Rica, and rightly so! It is great for all abilities and is a wonderful way to cruise this baby-calm water.


The activity will start with our experienced bilingual instructor giving you personalized instructions and demonstrations on the beach. We will thoroughly cover safety, proper posture, stance, paddling techniques and etiquette. After that, it’s water time! You will receive more instructions, demo’s and coaching in the water, for up to 2 hours of fun and fitness.

*We supply the Stand Up Paddleboard with a leash and a paddle, sized to your height, weight and skill level.

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