Overnight Camping

Overnight Adventure Camping

This is exactly what it sounds like! Come and join us for an afternoon of dolphin watching followed by a BBQ dinner on a desolate beach where we will camp for the night before setting out early the next morning to spot 14+ foot long crocodiles before heading back to dock.

A tour for the more adventurous, you will feel like the next Bear Grylls!

We can also organize overnight trips into Corcovado National Park….

Sirena is the heart of Corcovado National Park, nestled in the middle of the park along the coast, south from the San Pedrillo station near the beach. It is only reachable by boat, plane or by foot trails. There are no roads into Sirena. Since this station is less accessible, there is greater opportunity to spot some of the rarest rainforest wildlife, including tapir and peccary. For more information, please Contact Us.